Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts

Mototech Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts_Blog Cover

Bungee cords- the long and flexible saviour for us, moto tourers. Love them or hate them, fact remains that for a large part of the motorcycle touring community, bungee cords are an indispensable tool. From luggage to tools to grocery shopping bags, bungee cords are perfect for strapping down anything on your motorcycle. Without having to add base plates or hard boxes, bungee cords can greatly increase the load carrying capacity of your motorcycle. You just need to know how to use them properly and hook them effectively. Improper usage of bungee cords may result in them coming off, snapping and breaking into two parts or your luggage coming loose.

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It’s a ‘Storm’ from the House of Mototech! – A Balaclava made for Indian Riding Conditions


Did you know that the term Balaclava was coined after the Crimean War, where a battle was fought in Balaclava, Ukraine? During the battle, the British troops were supplied with woolen headgear that literally helped them stay alive. It is from these humble origins that the Balaclava of today has arrived. Currently popular not only in motorsports, but in racing, skiing and snowboarding, the balaclava was originally meant to be thermal wear to protect the wearer against cold. As the concept evolved though, the balaclava was found to have multiple uses – in fact, today’s firefighters and race car drivers wear a Balaclava that is fire retardant! In India, and

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Why MotoTech Loves Waxed Cotton


When we at MotoTech set out to design a jacket, we wanted something cool, something different, something no company in India was offering. It was an uphill challenge because everything seemed to have already been done before. The jackets available in the market seemed so generic, so filled with all sorts of features and functionalities. We really wanted to do something that would be valued by riders, that would be seen as a disruption of the norm, but for the better. A jacket that people would love at first sight. After talking to many, many riders, and putting together their wish list, here were the three big things we were

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