It’s a ‘Storm’ from the House of Mototech! – A Balaclava made for Indian Riding Conditions


Did you know that the term Balaclava was coined after the Crimean War, where a battle was fought in Balaclava, Ukraine? During the battle, the British troops were supplied with woolen headgear that literally helped them stay alive. It is from these humble origins that the Balaclava of today has arrived. Currently popular not only in motorsports, but in racing, skiing and snowboarding, the balaclava was originally meant to be thermal wear to protect the wearer against cold. As the concept evolved though, the balaclava was found to have multiple uses – in fact, today’s firefighters and race car drivers wear a Balaclava that is fire retardant! In India, and specifically in connection with Motorsport, there are many brands and types of balaclavas available. However, most of them have been based on the original concept of cold protection, and hence may not be entirely suitable for the vagaries of Indian weather. On the other hand, while riding in India, you probably need a Balaclava that carries out other functions effectively –dust protection, sweat absorption and the like. It’s keeping those unique needs in mind that Mototech has launched the new Storm Balaclava – perfect for Indian roads. Here are some reasons why the Storm Balaclava is a good buy!

  1. Material

This is probably the most important reason. The Mototech Storm Balaclava is made of 97% cotton, a material that is perfect for Indian conditions. Not only is it supremely sweat absorbent, it is soft and easy on the skin. This is particularly important for long and hot rides, when you need accessories that don’t chafe and material that doesn’t overheat. When your balaclava is made of cotton, you won’t feel like you’re wearing an oven on your head!

  1. Protection

A rider not wearing a Balaclava typically needs to endure dirt, dust and air pollutants while on the road! These can easily become a health hazard. The Mototech Storm Balaclava helps protect the rider’s face from these harmful elements in the long run.

  1. Fit

The Mototech Storm Balaclava is an open size Balaclava, made of a decently stretchable cotton material. The thinness of the material is a bonus, since it feels comfortable under all helmet sizes. In fact, the material is so thin, that it can be pushed up / folded half way up and worn as a head cover on hot days or converted into a “Beanie” and worn even off the bike!

  1. Design

The wide cut allows for the maximum vision, without compromising on protective cover for the nose and mouth, effectively blocking out dust, pollen and other irritants. Most other Balaclavas that cover the nose and mouth however, don’t come in completely breathable fabric, causing fogging of the visor or your glasses. However, the Mototech Storm Balaclava is extremely breathable, with it’s simple one-layer nose and mouth cover, and you needn’t worry about fogging. Also, the length and fit have been designed in such a way that it won’t bunch up under your helmet, and the Balaclava ends at the collar line, allowing for complete freedom of neck movement, without worrying about tucking it in etc. MotoTech strome balaclava Blog 2-01

  1. Washable

This could possibly be one of the biggest problems that a rider faces. In Indian riding conditions, washable (and quick-dry!) material is a must. Made of cotton, with strong stitching, the Mototech Storm Balaclava can be washed and worn multiple times. It works wonders as a helmet liner fabric as well, so you won’t have any issues with helmet odour.

  1. Colour options

The Mototech Storm Balaclava comes in 2 colours – black and grey. Black is a universal choice of motorcyclists when it comes to gear colour selection. However, it Mototech Storm Balaclava is currently the only balaclava in the market that is available in colour grey. Grey absorbs much lesser heat than black. And hence, it made absolute sense to introduce the Balaclava in a grey colour especially considering how hot the Indian tropical climate can get for most part of the year. Plus, the grey Mototech Storm Balaclava looks cool too! With the Storm, Mototech has tried to address some of the typical problems a rider faces that other products in the market don’t. As an everyday riding Balaclava, the Storm is yet to be beaten.

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    On another note, the write up is absolutely brilliant! I would like to convey my appreciation to the writer, Nailed it!

    • Thanks Sunanth for your feedback and your query! You can get your original Mototech gear from our list of widespread stockists below:

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