Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts

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Bungee cords- the long and flexible saviour for us, moto tourers. Love them or hate them, fact remains that for a large part of the motorcycle touring community, bungee cords are an indispensable tool.

From luggage to tools to grocery shopping bags, bungee cords are perfect for strapping down anything on your motorcycle. Without having to add base plates or hard boxes, bungee cords can greatly increase the load carrying capacity of your motorcycle. You just need to know how to use them properly and hook them effectively.

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Improper usage of bungee cords may result in them coming off, snapping and breaking into two parts or your luggage coming loose. Even worse, uncontrolled release can cause severe injury to unprotected body parts, particularly eyes. It is always advised to wear safety glasses when attaching and releasing.

On the other hand, if used correctly, bungee cords are the cheapest, most versatile and infinitely reusable solution for mounting luggage.

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Here are some DOs and DON’Ts you can observe while using bungee cords, to optimize their utility.


  • Check along the length of the bungee cord before every ride.
  • Always have a good amount of spare bungee cords. This way you can mount additional load on your bike, as long as there is space for it.
  • Always keep the zig-zag pattern as symmetrical as possible. This way the load is evenly distributed.
  • Always use minimum of two bungee cords per item.
  • Double check hooking positions to make sure that the hooks have sunk well into the position and won’t come off.
  • Make note of hooking positions that work well on your bike and keep using those regularly.Mototech Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts Image C

    • Avoid knots forming along the length of the bungee cord. Look for rust on the hooks. Do not use a bungee cord with excessive rust / corrosion on the hook.
    • Avoid cross friction between two lengths of bungee cords.
    • When loading on the rear of the bike, make sure to hook only to those parts that are stationary. Do not hook the bungee cord to any part that moves along with the swing arm and the suspension.
    • After the ride if bungee cords are wet, greasy or mucky; rinse them in mild warm water and dry off in a shaded location.
    • Never store bungee cords over a long period in a stretched position.
    • Avoid using bungee cords with a withered outer shell.
    • Do not over stretch the cord. Over stretching the cord can cause hook failure, resulting in sudden uncontrolled release.Mototech Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts Image E
      Another precaution to be taken while buying bungee cords is to distinguish between genuine and duplicate bungee cords. The market is flooded with a variety of rip-offs, fakes and cheap versions of bungee cords. It definitely helps to know the difference between the two before buying.To understand this aspect in detail, do refer to the following blog post – “The Difference Between Genuine and Local Bungee Cords”
      Reading the blog will help you to understand the difference, so that you do not have to face problems on your ride due to cheap quality bungee cords.Mototech Using Bungee Cords on a Motorcycle – DOs and DON’Ts Image D

      Do you have any tricks you use for bungee cords? What’s been your experience with bungee cords? Let us know in the comments section below.

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