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When we at MotoTech set out to design a jacket, we wanted something cool, something different, something no company in India was offering. It was an uphill challenge because everything seemed to have already been done before. The jackets available in the market seemed so generic, so filled with all sorts of features and functionalities. We really wanted to do something that would be valued by riders, that would be seen as a disruption of the norm, but for the better. A jacket that people would love at first sight.

After talking to many, many riders, and putting together their wish list, here were the three big things we were looking for.

  1. A riding jacket that’s breathable. Typical riding conditions in India are hot and humid, so a riding jacket that allows the wearer to breathe was a must
  2. A riding jacket that is versatile: In the sense that it could be worn daily as well as taken on a month long ride.
  3. A riding jacket that looks good: This one was actually a poser. All jackets in the market today look very similar – in terms of finish, materials used etc. The differences are played up only in the effects and colours.

Of course it goes without saying that all other specs would have to be top class – armour, reflectives, storage and so on.

It was a tough task, since all our initial prototypes came out looking much like the popular models of our competitor brands.

So we went back to the drawing board, to the beginnings of everything. And that’s where we found something really, really interesting.

Waxed Cotton.

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To those who haven’t heard of this before, waxed cotton has been around for a while. The shipping industry invented a kind of waxed cotton that was used to make sailcloth in the early 1800’s. They needed to innovate with sails because wet sails just did not work. Their first experiments were simply rubbing a layer of soft, hot wax into some base canvas material. The results were crude, but effective.

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Later, Europe took to waxed cotton with glee. It was used in many ways, but primarily to make waterproof jackets and slicks for farmers. By this time, technology for making the material had improved, and they were able to go beyond certain colours, sustain the life of the product, re-wax it when required etc. You may have heard of the ubiquitous Macintosh. This is the era of its origin.

Today, waxed cotton is used widely in the manufacture of multiple garments and accessories – jackets, rain covers, shoes… even umbrellas in certain cases!

When we researched waxed cotton, we decided to give it a try, for it seemed ideal – Highly water resistant and stylish – it would make a stunning jacket, we thought.

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After months of prototyping and experimenting, here’s what we found that convinced us enough to invest in it to create the Contour Air Range of jackets.

  • The impact areas of the jacket, made from waxed cotton, are highly water resistant.
  • It’s slightly flame-retardant. It isn’t fire-proof, but it certainly won’t be damaged by sparks, cinders and ash (which your regular synthetics are).
  • Its surface is smooth and non-abrasive. Easier on the skin, as well as less prone to rips and tears.
  • Its second only to leather as a material – in its ability to block out the wind
  • It looks damn good! We found that much like leather, waxed cotton ages really, really well. It takes on a beautiful sheen, and a graceful antiquity, which really sets it apart from all the other stuff in the market.
  • Very importantly, waxed cotton is a eco-friendly product, and this is important to us at MotoTech

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What’s not to love?

We tested our first prototypes extensively, and we fell in love with them. Let us know what you think as well, because they’re available now! Check out our range of Contour Air jackets on the website of our premium resellers www.OutdoorTravelGear.com, and send us your feedback.

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  1. I would suggest making the inner vest liner, full sleeve and closing the gap at the wrist with a bit of elastic because to prevent the wind from entering specially on cold days.

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